Winter Car Shipping – Things to Know

Necessity for the relocation might arise anytime of the year, and people should abide by their call of the duty and should pack and leave to their new destination. During such conditions, they require help in relocating their automobiles as well.

Some of the retired population and also senior citizens prefer travelling to warmer states in the USA. During such cases, they require help in not only packing and delivering their household items, but also relocation of their automobile as well. It is when one of the unparalleled auto transport services, Ship A Car, Inc will be of great help.

Shipping of the Automobiles During the Winter Months

Normally, people prefer going towards the places that will be comparatively warmer than their hometowns in the winter months. The most preferred places by the people during the winter season include California, Florida, Arizona, Texas, etc., and other such places that have beach destinations.

  • Car Shipping During January Month

The car shipping companies experience almost 200% of workload during the winter months than any other time of the year. They usually cost higher price, and yet people wish to get their automobiles delivered to the warmer states in the USA.

As the shipping companies step into the second week of January, they will experience almost 30% loss in the car shipping demand than what it was in the first week of January. The vehicles that get the shipment slots will be the ones that were pre-booked by their owners at least a few months before the month.

Summer vs. Winter Car Shipping | Guardian Auto Transport

The third and fourth weeks of January will be the time of the year, when the snowfall gradually increases in some places and the temperature also drops a few Fahrenheit in some places. The roads preferred by the transportation service will be completely snowclad and requires extra care while driving. Hence, the shipping companies try their best to cover the car delivery bookings before the first two weeks of January.

  • Auto Shipping in the Months of February and March

The demand for shipping of automobiles gradually decreases during the months of February and March. The states that experience harsh winter weather will become -20 degrees Fahrenheit during these months, and it will become quite difficult to ship the car. The demand for shipping vehicles gradually reduces and there will not be even the normal numbers of vehicles to transport, as people prefer car delivery during the month of January.

Getting the Car Shipped at Lesser Price in January

Even though the pricing for the car shipping during the month of January is quite high, there are lesser or no chances of people cancelling their booking of their car delivery to the required destination. The best way of getting your car delivered during the month of January is by adding extra $50 to $100 in your booking bid.

Winter months are such a time of the year, when there will be heavy chances of winter blizzard in many places worldwide. If you prefer your car shipping, then it is suggested to get it done before the month of December or the first two weeks of January.

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