What To Look For When Choosing a Rehab  

With the opioid crisis at the forefront, the need for treatment programs is growing so fast that treatment programs are popping up all over the place. Some of the newer places are untested, with inexperienced staff, while others are downright unethical.

Anyone needing help with an addiction is going to be at a low point emotionally, which isn’t the best time for making big decisions. Choosing the right treatment program can mean the difference between recovery and staying in the throes of addiction. There are some ways you can investigate your options to find the best program for yourself or a loved one.

Check Out Their Website

Look at what kind of treatment programs are offered, and what levels of support are available for each client. Make sure the place has easily identifiable contact information, and that nothing looks secret or hidden.

Staff and professional addictions counselors should be clearly identified, along with their credentials. You should be able to look up the places where they received their degrees and training to verify if it was accredited and if it was academically rigorous.

A good example is the team at a Delray Beach rehab, which lists the founder, medical director, therapists and other individuals who will assist with recovery. Not only are their degrees and other credentials clearly on display, they explain why they are so committed to helping persons in need of addiction recovery. The facility’s accreditation is also listed up front.

The Facility Should Be Able to Handle Concurrent Physical and Psychiatric Problems

Often when people are starting recovery they are suffering from other physical problems, ranging from malnutrition to withdrawal. You need to know you or your loved one will be cared for properly so that these issues can be addressed with other components of addiction recovery. Any individuals dealing with addiction have dual diagnoses which cannot safely be ignored.

The facility at Delray Beach rehab has medical professionals on staff who are trained in dealing with physical issues like detox. Any other problems need to be part of recovery, and may even become part of ongoing outpatient treatment once the initial issues are dealt with. There are also professionals specializing in medicine and therapy, and even a chiropractor.

Don’t Wait to Get Your Life Started Again

You don’t need to live in the past anymore once you start working toward your brighter future. At Delray Beach rehab, they care about their clients and understand how they got there. Some of the staff are in recovery themselves. If you think you may need help, don’t wait until life gets worse. Call today to talk to one of our caring counselors.

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