Ways to Save Money While Tasting Regional Food and Beverages

If you are fond of having delicious food, it is useless spending too much on it especially when you are out on a vacation. With the cost of hotels and restaurants, food prizes also accumulate quickly. Opting for local traditional food of that particular place is good to have and also with less price.

Luckily you don’t have to sacrifice your choices while on Food Tours Chicago. There are many ways available to enjoy holidays without extra spending.

How to eat cheap on holidays?


  • Plan Ahead


If you like to have a particular dish, check out the price in different restaurants and first ask for daily special, and if that dish is included it will not cost you much. Set the alert and notifications for cheap favorite food in different restaurants. If planning to have good dinner in expensive restaurants do have common economic food the night before.


  • Pack smart


It is common to get hungry between meals. Pack some nuts or chocolates and reusable drinking water in your bag. Buying these essential items again and again make up a large sum of money which can be avoided.


  • Take advantage of your hotel


Before checking out or going for long outing fill up your stomach with food that is a combination of proteins, vegetables and fruits, skip sugary cereals with hotel free offers with your room price. Ask for available coupon for lunch in nearby restaurants. Have plenty of water, fresh fruits and granola at gym and healthy snack at spa.


  • Choose locations wisely


Do not use room services instead opt for bars, restaurants around colleges, which are full of cheap offers since students usually broke early than adults. If you are staying near a casino you would probably get attractive deals on foods.


  • Drink up but be smart


To save money, many people advice to skip alcohol, but you can go for regionally made beer or exclusive wine.


Make your budget intelligently, search carefully for the offers and plan the food you want to eat just like you would do if you are at home. Admiring delicious food and exclusive preparation of regional style saves you a lot.

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