Things to Know About Famous Eateries that You Can Visit in Prague

If you love to go on food tours then you must definitely try Prague. You can relish on an amazing variety of dishes here. If you think that you are not aware of the famous eateries and the best dishes then there is a solution to this problem. You can book a food tour package and they will help you explore the best eateries and signature dishes that can make your tour better.

There are many tour packages that you can avail but make sure you deal with a professional company. You can check the reviews and services offered by them online and book one that is best and fits your budget. You can search for Prague food tours and avail the list of best food tour companies.

List of Food You Can Try in Prague

  • Steak Tartare is one of the best dishes that you can get in Prague. The dish goes very well with alcohol and is a perfect combination with beer. You may consider it to be expensive but when you have a bite of it then you cannot stop yourself from having it again.

  • If you love sweets then you must try fruit dumplings. This dish is not served as dessert but like the main dish after soup or starters. In this the dumpling is stuffed with fruits and dipped into butter, sugar and other sugar substitutes.

  • Czech dishes will not have more vegetables but the food is fried with lots of seasoning. The fried cheese is one of the dishes. The cuisine contains bread stuffed with Ediam cheese and fried and topped with seasoning. The stuffed cheese balls are also a fried dish that you can try.

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