The Top Five Reasons Employees Should Wear Work Uniforms  

Many people have no choice about whether they should wear a uniform at work.

Can you imagine if professional athletes were allowed to wear whatever they wanted? Perhaps, a defensive back on a National Football League (NFL) team would intentionally wear an outfit that had the same colors as the players from the opposing team. Then, he could wave his hands as if he was a receiver on that team and catch the quarterback’s throw. He has just made the easiest interception in NFL history.

Of course, athletes in team sports must wear work uniforms so the players can easily identify teammates and opponents rather than staring at their faces from distances. The athletes’ work uniforms, including their numbers, also makes it easy for the fans to identify the players.

There are many other professions that often require employees to wear work uniforms, including police officers, firefighters, doctors, nurses, security guards, and several professions that require work uniforms for safety purposes. There are also many companies in many professions that require work uniforms in an effort to increase their visibility so their revenues and profits will increase.

Are you a company executive who is thinking about requiring or asking your employees to wear a work uniform? If you are, you should consult an expert at providing work uniforms for people. Prudential Overall Supply has been providing work uniforms for companies since 1932. Currently, the Irvine, Calif.-based company provides work uniforms for companies in about NUMBER OF professions, including companies in the industrial, municipal, and service industries.

Here are two steps you should take if you’re considering work uniforms. First, look at the Prudential Overall Supply online catalog. You can click the various options on the “Uniforms & Apparel” page to see the variety of clothing, outerwear, protective apparel, and work boots the company sells. For example, the “Automotive Shirts” page shows that Prudential sells shirts specifically for employees of several companies, including Toyota, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Ford, Buick, Mercedes, Honda, and Mitsubishi.

The second step is to study the reasons employees should wear work uniforms. Here are the top five reasons compiled by Prudential based on its 86-year history of helping thousands (USE TENS OF THOUSANDS OR MORE IF THAT IS ACCURATE) of companies.


Work uniforms play a “huge part” in corporate branding, notes the article “The Benefits and Psychology Behind Wearing Work Uniforms.” Basically, work uniforms can dramatically improve the chances that prospective customers will recognize and, thus, become more comfortable about a company.


Auto mechanics who are wearing a uniform that makes them look like, well auto mechanics, come across as more professional than auto mechanics who are wearing what you and I would wear while trying to fix our car in our garage. Dressing professionally makes customers more comfortable.

  1. SAFETY:

Companies that just ask employees to wear protective gear mandated by law are making a mistake. The better option is to require all employees who perform the same tasks to wear a work uniform that incorporates what the law requires. Having every employee wear that same uniform promotes a culture of safety.


Yes, there is actual evidence that people who wear work uniforms are more productive than people who don’t. The NBC article “Can wearing a ‘work uniform’ help you get ahead?” cites a study comparing students who wore a doctor’s lab coat to students who didn’t. The students wearing a work uniform were more attentive and focused. The article concludes “research says clothes affect how we work and act.”

  1. MORALE:

Some people say work is like school for adults. You probably recall classmates who could afford to wear better clothes than others and how that fact affected some students. The same principle can apply at work. When all employees wear the same work uniform, they are less apt to disrespect colleagues for their attire.

Do you want your employees to promote your company, come across to customers as more professional, be more safety conscious, be more productive, and have a better attitude? If you do, you should consider requiring employees to wear work uniforms on the job.

You can contact Prudential Overall Supply here for more information that will benefit your company and your employees.

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