The Razzle and Dazzle of the Morganite Engagement Rings

You need to be aware of that the gilding is only a thin layer of material and that it can therefore wear off over time. How long gilding lasts depends on the manufacturer and price, but also on factors in our skin and how the jewelry is used. It is therefore important that you take extra good care of your gold-plated jewelry if the gold-plating is to last for several years.

Decay of gilded jewelry

Just like ordinary silver jewelry, gilded silver also tarnishes with time especially sweat and acid from the skin as well as contact with clothes and daily use wears on the gilding. Some people may wear gilding off in a month, while others may have a gilded piece of jewelry for several years before a difference can be seen.

What to do?

As the gilding as mentioned is only a thin layer of gold your gilded jewelry must be treated extra gently. This means that you must be careful with the use of cleaning agents and polishing cloths, because you easily risk wearing off the gilding.

If you want to clean and polish the jewelry, they need to be treated like silver jewelry. That is, you need to use the methods that can be read under the section on silver jewelry. But not too often spare the jewelry as much as possible! Below they can see a set of earrings, one of which has been in tinfoil bath the aforementioned house trick from the section on silver jewelry. Also this is true with the Morganite Engagement Rings also.

Gold-plated earrings

You can also use silver cleanser for an even more shiny result. However, it can be a bit borderline to throw your gildings in the silver cleaner, but it works and does not damage the gilding. You can test it on a gold-plated piece of jewelry.

Has the damage happened and the gilding worn off, then you can have new gilding done at your local jeweler.

Rhodium Plated Silver

Rhodium plating is a finishing surface treatment that gives your jewelry a more durable surface. The rhodium plating reduces, among other things, the risk of the jewelry tarnishing or being scratched. Thus, the jewelry stays beautiful and retains its glass for a longer time. Rhodium plating most often takes place on silver jewelry, but can also be seen on some white gold jewelry.

Now you know what rhodium plating is! You can clean your rhodium-plated jewelry yourself with a mixture of water and a mild detergent. Use a fine and soft toothbrush to remove any dirt and rinse well with clean water. It is important to remember that you should be careful about cleaning your rhodium-plated jewelry in the jewelry cleaner, as there is a high risk that the cleaner will wear on the rhodium plating.

Wear of rhodium-plated jewelry

Depending on how often you use your rhodium-plated jewelry, the rhodium plating will wear out over time and appear more yellowish. If the surface treatment wears off completely, it therefore also means that the jewelry will naturally start to tarnish.



Rhodium-plated silver jewelry tarnishes when attacked by hydrogen sulphide. Tarpaulins can be removed with a cleaning cloth, silver cleaner or other household tricks. Light and dark rhodium plating can easily be confused with white gold and oxidized silver, respectively. Rhodium is the most expensive of all precious metals.

Rose Gold Engagement Ring Oval Cut Morganite Promise Ring ...

What to do?

Should your jewelry unexpectedly completely lose its luster, the jewelry can be rhodium-plated again at any time at your local jeweler.

Oxidized Silver

Oxidation is a surface treatment that gives your silver jewelry a nice gray-black look. It is created by exposing the silver jewelry to a concentrated sulfuric acid. The jewelry is thus subjected to the same oxidation process, which causes your silver jewelry to tarnish, but in such a high concentration that the jewelry is completely oxidized immediately.

The surface can be worn shiny

This type of surface treatment wears relatively quickly, and the jewelry gets its own individual expression with different dark and light shades. Your oxidized jewelry will become shinier in exposed areas during daily use and will eventually wear away completely. On the other hand, it will be better protected in grooves and depressions.

Keep them far away from the jewelry!

Do not expose your oxidized jewelry to the jewelry cleaner as it will ruin the oxidation. Instead, clean your oxidized jewelry with lukewarm water and gently sand it with a soft cloth.

If your oxidized jewelry has completely lost its beautiful dark surface, you will fortunately have the opportunity to recreate the oxidized surface at your local jeweler.

Imitation jewelry

Imitation jewelry, also called jewelry, is jewelry that is not made of either gold or silver. Jewelry can contain all sorts of different base materials, which is why you also need to be extra careful if you have allergies to certain materials. The jewelry can contain everything from brass and surgical steel to lead and mercury as well as several other materials. However, some jewelry may be gold-plated or silver-plated, but it is far from all.

Jewelry is quickly included

Unfortunately, jewelry can quickly become ugly. The material may become reddish or have dark spots. Likewise, in the event of wear and tear, they may lose the outer layer and the material underneath will become visible. This also applies to gilded and silver-plated jewelry. The appearance of the jewelry is also affected by the sweat and care products on your skin – but in fact, they can also become ugly just by lying in the jewelry box.

Do you also get the greenish line in the neck and around the finger?

The spurious jewelry can contaminate your skin and leave greenish marks especially if your skin is moist. We wish we could come up with a solution to this problem, but we simply have not been able to find one. Therefore, there is not much to do, but still read our section on what you can try to do to maintain your fake jewelry.

The disadvantage of the illegitimate

It can be very tempting to acquire counterfeit jewelry as one cannot immediately see whether they are genuine or not. Likewise, they are significantly cheaper than genuine jewelry. However, in addition to the aforementioned problem of jewelry quickly becoming ugly, you should also consider that jewelry can be harmful to you and your skin.


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