The Laptop case is sure to come in handy for the care of your laptop.

This is a durable shockproof Laptop case, which is made of felt, which has not only pleasant tactile qualities, but also good protective properties. The thoughtful structure of this model and the soft lining carefully preserve your laptop in integrity, and the convenient location of the zipper allows you to charge your laptop without removing it from the bag. Having three compartments inside the Laptop case will provide additional space for your other accessories.

The most reliable way to preserve the original appearance of your laptop is to purchase a Laptop case. Most of them can offer the gadget either protection or a graceful appearance. What cannot be said about the Laptop case, which is able to provide both. It is made of natural and high-quality material, which gives it originality. The case is distinguished by its minimalist design and unusual shape in the form of an envelope.

Creative design Laptop case

The Laptop case is made in a minimalist manner and combines not only premium materials, but also original forms. Its design is rather discreet: the case maintains the weight of the laptop, while at the same time it does not add to its thickness. It has two compartments: the main for the device and additional for all sorts of small things and a small leather insert at the opening.

Additional features of the Laptop case

The case is also equipped with two additional pockets on the outside. You can put in them any necessary trifles or accessories, without worrying that they will drop out. The pockets fit snugly to the base, but at the same time provide free access to the contents. That is, the Laptop case guarantees not only reliability, but also increased convenience.

Quality Laptop case

The Laptop case belongs to the premium accessories, thanks to exclusively handmade work. It is made of high-quality felt, which is a reliable and natural material. Because the cover is treated with special substances, it exhibits increased resistance to moisture and water simply cannot get inside. It is made of pressed fibers of felt, which are securely fastened together, so it is very difficult to tear it. Nevertheless, even if you manage to do this, you can restore and clean the Laptop case. With a new Laptop case with water-repellent effect, your laptop will be protected from rain, moisture and other contents of your backpack. The Laptop case has a zipper that protects your laptop from accidental fallout from the case. The cutout in the bag is made with side bends and provides convenient access to your laptop.

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