The Benefits of Custom Window Treatments

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Your home speaks volumes about you. You give it a personal touch by choosing furniture and paint. You display art that means something to you. You spend hours going over bathroom tiles and sifting through in search of the best granite for your kitchen countertops. But, how much attention do you pay to window treatments? Shades, curtains, blinds and shutters are mostly an afterthought. You don’t really think about them until you realize you have lack of privacy or the light starts coming in. If you are thinking of getting window treatments, there are numerous benefits you can enjoy when you go for custom ones.

What are they? Some of the top benefits of custom window treatments are:

  • Accurate window treatments

When you are buying window treatments for a retail chain, you will be stuck with the sizes they have available. This means that you will have to put up with ill-fitting coverings that may not be able to cover the desired amount of sunlight. But, when you have chosen to get custom window treatments, a professional will measure your windows and build them accordingly. This is one of the top reasons people decide to go custom.

  • Professional treatment

Having a professional window treatment designer is not very different from having an interior designer. They will work with the aesthetics of your home to create complementary window treatments that suit your décor and style. They will provide you with answers of questions concerning insulating qualities and light. They will also give you suggestions and advice like when you should go for blinds and shutters and when drapes and shades are a better option. You don’t have this much freedom with ready-made window treatments.

  • Greater quality of work

It is true that when you get custom window treatments, you will really get what you paid for. These window treatments certainly cost you more, but you can also enjoy a higher quality of materials and workmanship. Store-bought window treatments, such as blinds, often break and have to be replaced regularly. Likewise, the slats may lose the ability of keeping the light out with time. In contrast, your custom treatments will be effective for longer and more durable. This means that you won’t have to replace them as quickly as store-bought ones.

  • Custom colors and details

When you decide to get custom window treatments made for your home, you can also pick the colors, along with the material and fabric. If you like a gray or specific brown, a professional will be able to show you all the options you can find. As a matter of fact, some window treatment companies will even dye fabric as per your desired color and they will have a high-end finish. You will also be able to add details to your treatments like a custom trim. This is not an option that you get with ready-made window treatments.

These benefits are enough to motivate anyone to opt for custom window treatments, even if you have to pay a little extra for them.


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