Safety precaution on the proper usage of E-liquids.

E-liquids could be quite a skin-irritating substance due to its chemical composition. Not only is it an irritant, it could also be dangerous to your body. E-liquids are composed of four major chemical components namely propylene glycol(PG), glycerine (VG),  nicotine and flavourings. Nicotine present in e-liquids could be very dangerous once it comes in direct contact with body part especially with open unclothed body parts like the eyes and the skins( hands and legs).

E-liquid contact with the skin.

Mistaken spillage of E-liquid Mate on the skin is not something to overlook,  it is something to pay attention to and quickly get the substance off your skin. Through osmosis, nicotine present in e-liquids can easily permeate into the skin thereby increasing the nicotine level in the body. This could be quite dangerous over an increased skin exposure to it over an extended period of time. Skin contact with e-liquid could also pose more danger to very sensitive-skinned people. The could result in skin reactions such as redness or skin itchiness on contact with it.

To best remedy spillage of e-liquid on the skin, make sure to wash off with water as soon as it occurs. Don’t wait for until it to start taking a toll on you. To best protect your skin from further skin contact with e-liquid, always make sure to wear protective clothing skin each time you want to refill your e-cigarette. After that, make sure to screw down the cover of the e-cigarette tightly to prevent it from spilling out. You can also put on your glasses each time you want to fill in the vaporizer and make sure to do it in a brightly lit place. Do well also to keep e-juice container far away from kids and don’t refill it in their presence, children could be very curious about stuff.

Contact with the Eyes.

The eyes are a very sensitive part of the body,  so be very careful about getting e-juice into your eyeballs, nevertheless mistakes could happen sometimes, so when such happens, abandon whatever you are doing at the moment and wash your eyes with much water. Make sure not to rub your eyes after then,  you could be rubbing it in the more. So to avoid this always put on protective goggles or glass when you are filing in the vaporizer.

Ingestion should be strictly avoided.

While skin or eyes exposure to E-liquids could be quite dangerous, direct ingestion of e-liquid could be more dangerous. Nicotine consumption results in body poisoning which could cause nausea, coma or even death. It is more advisable to keep containers far away from children. Ingestion of e-liquid by kids has been known to cause poisoning. Early stages of toxicity could be marked by nausea, vomiting and diarrhea and at late stages, there could be convulsion or even death. So make sure to always keep replacement e-liquid containers far away from easy access for kids.

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