Questions you should ask from the contractors before hiring them

No one wants to pay more when you have to install, replace or repair your roof. There are lots of factors based on which you can hire expert roof repair and roof replacement contractors. To connect with the highly reputed pro roofers, you must ask certain questions before hiring the contractor. 

Question 1 – Can you give me some references for your work?

An acclaimed company never hesitate to provide you the reliable references. The positive feedback can help future buyers to clear the confusion. 

Question 2 – Do you have a license to repair and install the roofs?

The roof repair is not that much easy as we think and shouldn’t be left in the hand of a rookie. The potential professionals can offer you the correct documentation before the work started. 

Question 3 – Do you offer business liability insurance?

The roofing company must be able to give you the proof of liability and workman’s compensation liability. Business liability is basically meant for protecting the damage that happens to the workers. So, it is advisable to not hire a contractor who is not able to provide the relevant evidence. 

Question 4 – Will you be able to give me a written contract?

Always be aware of the contractor who makes excuses for providing the written guarantees. Such contracts have a detail of project specifications, start and completion dates, and material prices. 

Question 5 – Types of warranty the company is offering to me

A warranty is a way to give the homeowner peace of mind and guarantee material quality and workmanship. Most of the companies usually give a labor warranty that includes tearing off tasks and disposal things. Hence, you need to ask the company about things to be cover in the warranty. 

Whether you are searching the roof contractors for the repairing or maintenance of the roof, you should be clear about the services they are offering to you. Therefore, these questions are really important to ask from them that will clear the picture in your mind. For further information, you can connect with the team or visit https://www.guardianhome.com/roof-repair/


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