Pass A Urine Test Using Sub Solution and Adulteration of the Specimen

Passing a drug test is a very important requirement today. If you fail this, then you may have to vacate your position or won’t be able to land in a job that you wanted to get. As a commoner, we have financial obligations to settle every month. You also need to provide the basic necessities for your family. Therefore, a fixed income is a must. Though, we cannot also deny the fact that no matter how important these obligations are, you still go for illegal drugs as well as weed.

In my opinion, this medical requirement is not a problem at all for those who are not into such vicious lifestyle. But if you insist to continue doing such things and keep a job or find a new one as well, then you may have to adulterate your specimen for drug testing or use a synthetic one. Actually, both ways are risky and then, before buying the fake pee, you also need to read reviews on clear drug tests, to make sure that you are ordering from legitimate distributors. Instead of focusing on job hunting, you will have to work on finding the right shop for this product.

Anyway, an individual who is willing to apply these methods on the day of his medical exam, is surely aware that he is about to do something that is even considered as a crime in some countries. If everybody will learn to do such things, then the abuse of illegal drugs will still prevail in the society. People’s lifestyle must change, especially when they are living in a country, where marijuana smoking is prohibited. I know that you are eager to pass this lab exam and you will do everything for this. I guess, you should learn more about these methods and how risky it is.

Synthetic Solution

You can find a lot of synthetic urine products in the market, coming from various manufacturers. Therefore, you have a variety of options to choose from. It is good to know that finding this product is easy, but buying one that can really help you is quite difficult. That’s why you should learn to read customer reviews to find the real and legitimate solution. You should be aware that after purchasing this fake pee from a false shop, you will also fail this exam and may be fired from work or rejected for a particular position.

Now, there are things that you need to check when choosing a fake pee. If this is a kit, then you have to be very meticulous when it comes to the chemical components or ingredients. You are going to mix this solution with water, so if it can’t resemble a real pee, then that would make you fail. Since you have to read reviews, I suggest you to focus on the success rate of this particular brand. And then, is it too expensive or too cheap? I think, the cost varies and it may also depend on the brand.

This solution usually contains components, such as albumin powder, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, sodium phosphate and creatinine. You should not mix your solution with any water. It is important to use a distilled one to achieve the best result. Do not forget that this must contain uric acid and a heating pad. I supposed, you are aware that your pee is warm. Therefore, it is also essential for you to maintain the temperature of this fake sample. Failure to do this is doubtful, which means that you may be asked to retake the lab test and submit a new specimen.

Adulteration of Specimen

Another method that you may try to beat your medical requirement is to practice adulteration. This is a different way to destroy metabolites, which are present in the specimen. Indeed, you can always try this to fool any clinical test that you are required to do. I guess, you will have to show your chemist side because it involves the manipulation of the real pee. The method is also another problem that laboratory experts are facing today. For this reason, they have to come up with a more accurate way of detecting not only illicit drugs, but adulterants as well.

Most laboratories are now checking the specimen with various adulterants like nitrite, glutaraldehyde, bleach and then, hydrogen peroxide. These chemicals are compounds that you cannot find in a human liquid waste. They are used to breakdown and destroy existing cannabinoids. Using these adulterants will surely make a mess and will lead to a false negative result. Read here to learn more about the result of using adulterants in the urine drug test.

These chemicals or masking agents are commercially sold in the market. Therefore, you can easily get them. Adding, diluting and substituting your urine with adulterants will not only destroy drug metabolites. It may also interfere with the exam or screening.

The Risk of Replacing and Adulterating Human Liquid Waste

Using synthetic sample, may or may not work. Let’s say that you have purchased the most effective brand. Now, are you sure that you will be able to mix this solution properly? The staff or assistant in the lab test must not see this solution. Now, how can you hide it from other people? Also, do not forget that it is very important to maintain the temperature of the urine. You have to make sure that this will fall from 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Fine, you have a heating pad and again, how will you hide this, too?

Here goes another method. You would like to use adulterants and mix it in your specimen, right? Bringing such chemicals with you is indeed much easier that bringing a kit. Let’s say that you also have a success rate with this way. But, what if the laboratory or center is capable of detecting adulterants, too? When this happens, you will be caught and we can never tell how the experts will react or treat this kind of activity.



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