Living Comfort Outdoors: We Present Outdoor Speakers and Other Technology Tips

If electronics are used outdoors, there are some technical hurdles to overcome before the garden becomes a green living room. It doesn’t matter if you’re dreaming of outdoor speakers or a complete TV system: the installation and products have to be tailored for outdoor use and be part of all weather conditions just like it’s done with some houses in Dubai.

Open-air Cinema in the Home Garden

Is the seating on your living room sofa limited? Then turn your garden into the right equipment cinema in the open air. The market offers various weatherproof TV sets that withstand all kinds of weather and promise perfect viewing pleasure even in direct sunlight.

For an authentic cinema feeling inflatable screens in combination with an outdoor projector. The particularly bright projectors also conjure up a pin-sharp picture on flat surfaces.

Round off your outdoor cinema with powerful outdoor speakers. In design, the weather-resistant models are in no way inferior to modern indoor products. At the same time, there are speakers that can be unobtrusively integrated into any garden landscape.

Unlimited Wi-Fi

Outside the home, the internet connection often breaks down. Here creates one WiFi repeater or a bridge for outdoor use Remedy. These devices amplify the router signal and are especially handy if you have your home office set up in the garden. For longer distances and stable connection quality, we recommend Ethernet cables.

After installation, you have every option: surfing the net, streaming series and movies, or listening to music on your outdoor speakers. Your garden or cultivation becomes a fully-fledged second living room. Even those who do not own an outsourced office or open-air cinema benefit from a WLAN amplifier. Just lay comfortably in the sun, while you enjoy your favorite series on the tablet and answer urgent emails as needed.

Outdoor Power Connection

Solar lights contribute to energy savings. But in order for the dream of a living room in the countryside to come true, it is necessary to connect to the main electricity grid. This allows for the installation of smart lighting systems for outdoor use. The control, for example, the light color or brightness, is done by pressing a button on a handy app.

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