How To Take Low Angle Shots For Better Photography

So, first let’s discuss, “What is photography?” Everyone has its own definition of photography because everyone has its own perspective. For someone a photograph describes emotions and for the other, it’s just an image. No matter how good a photo is, it’s almost impossible that everyone appreciates it. But the literal meaning of photography is: When an image is being created by capturing light or other electromagnetic radiation by the means of an image sensor or light-sensitive material such as photographic film.

Important shots in photography that you must know

  • Extreme wide shot: also known as an extreme long shot is used to show the surroundings of the subject and his physical or emotional relationship with the environment.
  • Wide shot: also known as a long shot is used to put the focus on the subject within a scene. By showing the subject from top to bottom but the overall scene was still dominated by the environment.
  • Full shot: it tends to show more of the character’s action and movement by framing the character from head to toes.
  • Medium long shot: is used to frame the character from knee up. This shot lies in-between full shot and medium shot.
  • Medium shot: shows the subject in more detail with some environment still in the frame. Basically, a waist up shot for a person.
  • Close-Up shot: especially for showing emotions and reactions of a character by filling up the frame with most of a character’s face.
  • Low angle shot: is used to make the subject more powerful, dominating and dangerous. Simply by placing the camera below the eye level. Best for capturing awesome and dominating shots. Here is a link if you want to know how urban photographers take astonishing low angle shots, https://skylum.com/blog/11-cases-when-lowangle-shots-work-in-urban-photography. Use it to capture some of the most amazing shots of your life.

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