How to Make Money Online in 2019

Today, we live in a day and age where a charismatic blonde dude from Sweden has 90,5 million people following him while he plays games and reviews Internet memes. And even that astronomical number isn’t enough to keep the number one spot when it comes to subscribers on YouTube.

To become successful online is not easy. You have to offer your potential customers/fans/viewers something special. It’s not enough to just open your browser, create a website and wait for others to come. As of January 2019, there are over 1,6 billion websites, with around half a million popping up every single minute.

These numbers shouldn’t frighten you — only around 10%–15% of all websites are actually in use. On top of that, Google processes 7 billion queries each day, with 15% of those being queries which have never been searched for before. So, there’s still space to reach out to some of 4,1 billion Internet users. You just need to work harder and make sure you provide something of actual value. As long as there are people coming up with stuff, there will be people wanting to buy it.

Before you decide what you can do to make a living online, make sure to check all the legalities in regards to this topic. Death and taxes, right? You need to know if there are any taxes you need to pay in order to avoid having a run-in with the law. Some earnings you make are tax-free, while other activities require you to pay multiple taxes. It doesn’t even have to be selling products, as governments around the world take money even from leisure activities. For example, what do you need to pay if you run a beauty blog? Are casino winnings taxable? Check all of this out beforehand. Now, let’s discuss some of the great ways to make money online in 2019.

1)   YouTube channel

After Google, YouTube is the most visited website in the world. You won’t have issues with getting people to visit your website. Whatever niche you choose to operate in, there will be an audience for it. Just make sure you choose something you’re genuinely passionate about. You’ll need the willpower to keep plowing through when the money’s not coming in at the start. Whatever your passion is — history, makeup, gaming, vlogging — the most important thing is consistency in uploading. Make your audience have a habit of watching your videos.

2)   Blog

Although 2018 and 2019 saw a switch of interest to visual content, blogs are still the most common online revenue source. With so many information whizzing around, people have become lazy and lost patience. So, in your blog posts, don’t focus on the word count, focus on offering helpful information on whichever topic you’re covering.

In blogging, you make money through advertising, which works with people visiting your website. You can have passive income, which means that, even though you may not continue uploading, you still can make money from people reading your previous posts.

3)   Affiliate marketing

This type of income can tie in with your other ventures. Regardless of your being on YouTube, or starting a blog, you can earn by promoting products you like. But, remember, your audience listens to you because they trust you. Don’t flog anything that comes your way; make sure what you’re recommending is something that you genuinely find to be a good buy. When you connect with a brand, they’ll give you a unique affiliate link, and you’ll receive a commission from every purchase made via that link.

4)   Freelance writing

If writing blogs is your thing, but you don’t want the hassle of owning your own website, you can always get in touch with some already established websites. Earn money by writing posts and working on projects, with no stress of whether it’ll be successful in the long run.


All in all, the Internet is a vast space with limitless possibilities. You can make money from your home, but as always, you need to work hard, be patient, and set a long-term goal. With experience, your work will grow in quality. Good luck!

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