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You can’t miss, when you know about some best in latest Telugu movies online. There are more number of best Telugu films online to watch and get entertained with the whole family at home. Even though many OTT platforms came to watch the movie on demand, but, Aha OTT is exclusively providing old and latest Telugu movies online.

While you are searching about the best of Telugu films, which you can’t miss to watch, there is one movie to say in this category that is none other than ‘Forensic’.  The movie was recently added in Aha OTT and got higher demand among movies on aha.  The movie Forensic is mainly explained about what the process and how the Forensic labs work to find out an accused criminal.

Most of the OTT lovers are searching and watching Forensic, so the movie is getting good trending among movies on Aha.  Also the movie remained different one among the latest Telugu movies online. Let’s know about Forensic now before you search movies on Aha.


Rhita Javier IPS (Mamata Mohandas) takes the responsibility of her superior officers to catch the serial killers, who abducted and killed children and girls. Samuel John (Tovino Thomas) joins her team as Medico Legal Adviser.

In fact, Ritika is the brother’s wife to Samuel.  But Rhitika is living separately from her husband.  It has a flashback. That is why Rhitika accepted that the authorities have appointed her as an advisor, even though Samuel is not good.

But she easily dismissed the findings of forensic by Samuel. Samuel’s research reveals a shocking truth. What is it? Who is the person committing a series of murders?  What kind of twists does the story finally take?  These are the things that are revealed in the pre-climax and climax.

Artistes’ Performances:

Tovino Thomas and Mamata Mohandas completely managed their respective roles and competed in performance with each other. Mamata Mohandas returned with a terrific role.  It is a very good come back to her in Telugu film industry. Size Kurup portrayed the role of Rhitika’s husband and appeared naturally.


The movie is the witness about the vision of the director. When it watches, we may not believe that the movie was directed by a new director. The gripping screenplay made the movie a very big success.

The film showed what a forensic lab looks like and works, how the labs play a key role in finding the actual truth behind the crime.  The director succeeded in showing the process of investigation in particular cases.  The background score and photography added as assets to the movie.

Cast and crew:

Cast: Tovino Thomas, Mamata Mohan Dass, Reba Monica John, Giju John, PratapPothan, etc.

Story, Screenplay & Direction: AkhilPoul, AnasKHan

Cinematography:Akhil George

Music: James Bijoy,

Production:NavisJaviour, SijuMathue

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‘Forensic’ is a movie which gives entertainment and knowledge about the actual works of Forensic labs simultaneously.  It is the rear movie among present latest Telugu movies online.  Watching Forensic is an opportunity among other movies on Aha.

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