Everything You Need to Know About Golf Launch Monitors

Golf launch monitors are electronic devices that measure the various facets of a golf ball when a golfer strikes it with a club. A golf launch monitor is an important part of the game. It can be used to customize fittings when buying a new golf club or to improve your swing as a part of the lesson. Golf launch monitors are mostly used by low handicappers but every serious golfer should consider using one.

How Launch Monitors Work

There are two common types of launch monitors. These systems come with their own algorithm that provides a vast range of data on the shot that has been struck. Launch monitors give access to a vast range of data and projections that aid various aspects of the game. The two types of launch monitors use different technologies to provide data and projections. The first type of golf launch monitors uses a set of cameras to record data at impact while the other uses “Doppler radar” technology to track the ball after impact.

A camera-based golf launch monitor system measures club data and projects ball flight data. A Doppler radar system measures ball flight data and projects club data. Club data includes face-to-path, face angle, spin loft, dynamic loft, swing direction, swing plane, club path, attack angle, and club speed information. Ball data comprises hang time, landing angle, total distance, carry distance, height, smash factor, spin rate, spin axis, launch direction, launch angle, and ball speed.

Using a Golf Launch Monitor to Improve your Game

Strictly from a golf swing perspective, using a golf launch monitor allows the golfer to better understand their ball flight. That way, they are able to improve it and control it better. When it comes to custom fitting, the instructor is able to adjust certain elements including the shaft to make sure that the golfer’s club is a perfect match for their swing. That’s all possible because launch monitors provide access to detailed parameters such as the launch angle and ball speed.

Every serious golfer can benefit from golf launch monitors. The choice of the specific type of launch monitor boils down to personal preferences. If you are in the market for a launch monitor, you need to take a good look at the numbers and what they mean to make sure that you get a monitor that works for you. Key numbers to look at include the carry/total distance, launch angle, smash factor, backspeed, and more. We personally recommend the GCQuad launch monitor from Foresight Sports as their technology is leading the golf industry with quadrascopic camera technology.

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