A Look at Little-Known Reasons for Problems with Male Infertility

Deciding that you are ready to be a father is a huge life step that likely took a lot of prior thought and careful consideration. Therefore, if you and your partner have a problem getting pregnant, it can be a devastating blow. Just like women, there are certain things that can cause a man to be less fertile than usual. While you may be aware of some of the common causes of male infertility, such as using steroids or being overweight, there are also little-known factors that can lower sperm counts. Take a look at some of the little-known reasons you may need help with male infertility treatment NYC.

You’ve Had a Past Hernia Surgery

In some cases, past inguinal hernia repairs can interfere with your body’s ability to carry sperm into the ejaculate. The surgical process usually involves installing a screen or mesh to hold a hernia in place in the groin area. This placement can create problems with sperm naturally traveling its course. Even though there may be a blockage, it is most often possible to still retrieve sperm or do surgery to eliminate any blockage that may be in the way and causing a problem.

Your Testicles Have Been Exposed to High Temperatures

Perhaps you enjoy long soaks in a hot tub or you pay a visit to the sauna every chance you get. In either case, these may be practices you should forgo if you are having issues with male infertility. When you go for male infertility treatment NYC, one of the first things the doctor will advise you to do is to avoid exposing your testicles to high levels of heat. High temperatures can actually lower sperm counts because heat lowers sperm production.

You’re Under a Lot of Stress

Stress is a huge factor to consider when you are trying to be more fertile as a male, even though this is a factor often thought to affect females more. When you are under a lot of stress, it can actually cause your body to release stress hormones that will prevent your body from producing the same levels of sperm as it normally would. Additionally, stress can interfere with your libido or ability to perform correctly during intercourse, which can also create problems with fertility.

About 15 percent of couples face problems with infertility when they decide to have a baby, according to the Mayo Clinic. If you are a man who suspects you are having problems, reach out to a male fertility treatment NYC doctor for help.

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