7 Practically Amazing Benefits of Interior Glass Doors

Star Energy Partners study found that strategically directing natural light through your home can decrease the expense of artificial lighting by as much as 32%.

This is just one area of your life where glass doors can work their magic.

You already know they’ll look great in your home. But here are the practical reasons getting interior glass doors makes so much sense.

  1. Natural Light

Natural light is no longer restricted to the outer rooms in the home or office. These doors let the light into the interior.

It not only helps reduce lighting costs. It fills your spaces with beautiful light you just can’t mimic with a light bulb.

  1. Higher Productivity

Do you work from home? Or maybe you have other home tasks where you’d like to be more productive. You may want these doors for your business.

A study conducted by Northwestern University in Chicago Interdepartmental Neuroscience researchers found that people exposed to natural light while they work are more productive.

Studies have shown some amazing links between natural light and productivity for children. Students exposed to more natural light in classrooms do 26% better on standardized tests.

  1. Privacy When You Need It

Interior glass doors may sound like the antithesis of privacy. But most doors are frosted. They allow you to completely open a space up or close it off when you need privacy.

  1. Better Sleep

The same Northwestern University in Chicago study found that getting 173% more natural light during the day helps people sleep on average 46 minutes longer.

Most of us could benefit from more quantity and quality sleep.

  1. Enhanced Mood

Do you suffer from SAD (Seasonal Effective Disorder)? It’s hard to get enough sunlight in the wintertime.

Or you may not want direct sun exposure because you burn easily or are concerned about premature aging.

Sunlight causes your body to release serotonin. That’s a feel-good hormone that makes you feel more energetic and happy.

Interior glass doors give you all day access to indirect natural light so you feel better all day long.

  1. Reduce Near-Sightedness Progression

Studies have linked increased natural light exposure to reduced risk and slower progression of myopia (near-sightedness) in children and young adults. Let the light in for your health.

  1. Better Overall Health

Getting more natural light while indoors has also been linked to overall health. It’s no surprise given the many other benefits.

Interior Glass Doors

These doors let the light into your home while still giving you the control you need to maintain privacy. So many health and life benefits have been linked to increases in indoor natural lighting. It’s time to let the light in.

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