4 Influential Photographers of All Time

If you are starting out in photography you may encounter a creative block once in a while. Sometimes it can even be difficult for you to find inspiration for the projects you are working on. Not to worry though! You are not the first. There are they that came before you and from interviews have talked about their issues with creative blocks and rise to fame. This article compiles a list of 4 of the most influential photographers whose works continue to inspire many entries in photo competitions.

John Szarkowski

John was a photographer, historian, curator and critic. He is famous for the work he did as the Director of Photography at the New York Museum of Modern Art over his tenure spanning 3 decades. His is touted to be the reason photography is recognized as an art by the public. Additionally, he has been cited as an inspiration by other greats like Diane Arbus, Lee Friedlander and Garry Winogrand. He championed street photography immensely and presents an exhibition of color photography that featured the works of William Eggleston. Though the decision was controversial this exhibition is often considered one of the greatest of all time. After leaving his job at the New York Museum of Modern Art he went back to photo shoots.

Alfred Steiglitz

Alfred is often cited as one of the biggest influences in the world of photography especially at the onset of the 20st century. His work features predominantly historical pictures. He was married to painter Georgia O’Keefe and was her chief photographer. His beautiful shots of New York City at the beginning of the 1900s are masterpieces have inspired many free photo contests.

Margaret Bourke- White

Margaret was one of the first female photo journalists and photographers for Life Magazine. Her photo of the largest man-made hydraulically-filled dam in the world in Fort Peck Montana graced the first cover for Life Magazine. She has inspired a lot of women to get into the world of photography and photography competitions with her fearless and brave nature. It was Margaret who took the last portrait of Mahatma Gandhi hours before he was assassinated.

Ansel Adams

Ansel is famous in the world nature and landscape photography. Some of his famous works include black and white photographs of Yosemite Valley. These photos are a staple in many galleries, posters and even in books. He is also responsible for creating the zone system together with Fred Archer. This system helps create the correct exposure using black and white films and paper. 

Joseph Nicephore Niepce

This list would be totally incomplete without Niepce’s name. As you create your content for the free photo contests, Niepce is the person to thank for.  In 1825 he created the world’s first photograph. Without his invention there would not have been any photographs today. So, for this seemingly simple reason he will remain at a fixture in all lists of influential photographers. 


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