Why is it important to send a save the date card?

Congratulation, wedding bells are ringing in the air. If the date for the big day has been confirmed, then the very first planning that one has to do is inform all the near and dear ones. ‘save the date cards’ solves this purpose. They are much more like a pre-invitation for the wedding. These cards contain very basic details related to a wedding like a date and a venue.

Importance of ‘save the date cards.’

Sending save the date card becomes very important if the wedding is going to take place during peak season. Also, if the couple is planning for a destination wedding, then sending a save the date cards becomes more important. It acts like a request card through which the guest is informed about the upcoming wedding. Save the date cards are sent 4-6 months before the wedding date. This gives the guests the required time to make their traveling arrangements. Sending these cards increases the friends and relatives’ chances of blessing the occasion with their presence.

Who should receive ‘save the date card’?

While sending these pre-wedding invitations, one should be very clear about the guest list. These cards should only be sent to the guests whom the couples are planning to invite for the wedding.

How to send ‘save the date card’?

Save the date card can be sent either via traditional postal or courier services or through emails. Sending the card via e-mail saves lots of time, money and effort. Moreover, the response time is very fast in case of online announcement cards. However, one should keep in mind that there might be some guests who may not have an email id. In that case, it is better to send the pre-wedding invitation cards via post.

It is always better to keep the format of ‘save the announcement card’ simple and straightforward. The wedding information should be mentioned clearly on the card- couple’s name, date of wedding, venue and a line which indicates that the formal invitation will also be sent to the guests.

Author Since: Oct 17, 2018