Understanding Jock Itch and Treating At Home without Spending More Money

Fungal and viral infections are notorious. Just like the recent Novel Corona Virus causing flu like symptoms, there are other infections creating trouble for skin health. Fungal infections are more dangerous as these spread quickly when weather is favorable. Jock Itch (Tinea cruris) is a common fungal skin infection also called Tinea. These small fungi spores live on skin and harbors on nails and hair. Anti-Jock Itching products are available at highly reasonable prices. Buyers will require Bloomingdales promo code for this purpose. Customers are suggested to check the latest updates about promo codes at

Jock itch is bothersome but it remains as a mild infection in men and boys. Topical application of prescribed antifungal products is useful. Infected persons should try to keep the itching area dry and clean.

Symptoms of Tinea:

 Some frequent symptoms of this fungal infection include:

  • Persistent itching.
  • Burning sensation.
  • Peeling, cracking or flaking skin.
  • Rashes get severe with physical activity especially exercises.
  • Skin color changes.

This infection usually targets the inner thighs and groins. The infection may spread to the lower abdomen and buttocks. However, it doesn’t infect the scrotum.

Causes of Jock Itch:

As mentioned above, it is a caused by a fungal group known as Dermatophytes. These are naturally existing fungi present on skin in dormant form. However, excessive sweat, dirty clothes and prolonged exposure to moisture are some conditions helpful to spread this infection. Remember, the fungus is highly contagious that’s why it is essential to treat it as soon as possible. Your physician or a skin specialist will prescribe FDA approved skincare products. These products are available at Bloomingdales store online. Fetch Bloomingdales promo code from the reliable platform of This supports affordable shopping and free delivery in UAE.

Diagnosis of Jock Itch:

Skincare specialists usually recommend physical checkup or inspection to identify the jock itch. In some cases, doctors may recommend analysis of skin scrapings. This is done when doctors have doubts that a patients may have developed other skin disorders especially psoriasis.


In most situations, this fungal infection is treated at home by using some common home remedies. You can also use following tactics to control the infection.

  • Bring some quality over the counter powders, sprays or creams. Apply these things on infected area. Keep Bloomingdales promo code when you shop such items online.
  • Regularly wash infected area after short intervals. Use antifungal soaps or any quality shampoo. Always wash with warm water.
  • Dry infected area immediately after a shower.
  • Keep a towel to dry the sweat while you exercise.
  • Change the undergarments and clothes on daily basis. Wash them in warm water and spread in daylight.
  • Prefer the light cotton dresses.

Prevention from Jock Itch:

Proper hygiene is the smartest approach against this infection. Wash your hands regularly as it usually spreads through the nails. Don’t let your nails grow. Keep the skin dry and clean. Use cotton based undergarments to keep groins dry.

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