Top reasons for investing in Heated Bathroom Floors

The heated bathroom floor is becoming popular in new and renovated homes. To step onto a warm floor is much better than stepping onto a freezing cold bathroom floor. Such floors also provide a great source of the in floor heating system making it helpful in bathrooms located in cold parts of the house like basements, corners of the house, above garages, etc.

Heated Bathroom Floors – Pros

1) Heats up the entire room without spreading dust and allergens (like traditional forced air can).

2) Produces a smooth and even heat.

3) Works well with traditional bathroom flooring materials.

Heated Floors – Installation

It is recommended that the heated bathroom floors should be installed by a professional. Improper installation leads to serious issues and fixing them can be a big headache. A professional installer will also do a resistance test before to cover the heating elements. This will ensure that the in-floor heating system is working properly and none of the mechanics are being compromised during installation. If this step gets skipped and you discover a problem then the only option is to tear out the floor and start again.

There should be an electric system that incorporates uncoupling technology to ensure that floors aren’t susceptible to cracks. The cables can be put wherever heat is desired for the complete customization of your room.

Best Flooring Materials to Use

Well basically all flooring materials can be used, but some work better than others. Electric radiant heated systems are the best and mostly covered by ceramic, porcelain or natural stone tiles that are good temperature conductors. They actually are the best floors for bathrooms in general. Wood, vinyl, and laminate can also be used but they come with temperature limitations, in the end, so you need to work with experienced installers.

Heated Bathroom Floors ROI

There is definitely no doubt that heated bathroom floors are a nice upgrade, and if you can afford it, it’s a nice luxury. But apart from this, they don’t necessarily give you a good return on investment. The exception can be when it is in a bathroom that lacks another heat source. Your bathroom can turn into a quality space in the home in case if properly invested.

So, despite the fact that they won’t necessarily get you a 100% return on your investment, they can help your house seem more appealing to potential buyers and ultimately help sell your house. People install them in a number of income properties and they certainly helped to get the spaces rented. Thus it is concluded that if you’re remodeling your bathroom and replacing the floors anyway, a heated system can definitely be worth the expense.

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