The Best Staying with the Frenchie

First analyze if this is the ideal breed for you, know the breed, and if you and your family are prepared for a new member who will accompany you for many years and bring you many responsibilities. Choosing a French Bulldog breeder is the most important step before buying a puppy. A good breeder will provide you with a “lifelong after-sale”, which will be your source of information, veterinary references, your mentor and listener to your whining of eaten shoes.

There are many good and serious breeders. The following tips helped you to make sure that you investigated and selected a good breeder. And even more important is to be on the lookout for pseudo breeders who are not concerned with the health, well-being and future life of the puppy.

Meet the Creator

See the facilities, the condition of the dogs, food, care and sanitary conditions. If the visit is not possible because of the distance and or lack of time, investigate the website, the social pages, if it maintains contact with old customers, among others. A good breeder wants as much as you know him. There is nothing more natural than wanting to know who is applying to care for the rest of your Frenchie puppy’s life.

Have all your questions answered. He should advise you on the breed and the puppy and lineage in question. And you will also want to know about yourself and who will live with the puppy and what life will be like for him if there are other dogs in the house, where he lives, what the routine will be like and so on.

Beware of puppy “brokers”

The person who resells generally does not know the puppy’s lineage thoroughly; let alone the genetic or behavioral problems that it may develop. Be very careful with puppies purchased at puppy fairs, Pet Shops and the like. In addition to the resale problems mentioned above, there is still the question of him being susceptible to viral and contagious diseases since there are usually several puppies coming from different kennels and most of the time they do not have the complete vaccination and deworming protocol because of the age and suitability of the creator. See if the breeder guarantees the puppy’s health through a veterinary medical certificate and or a contract stating this clause.

Analyze the lineage

Meet your Frenchie dog‘s parents! If the breeder refuses to let the puppy’s parents and or his breeding stock know, even if by photo, be wary.

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