Ski Equipment: Is It Better To Buy Or Rent?

A trip to the snow also involves choosing the ski equipment, including the snow boots, the ski glove, the poles, and the pair of skis itself. A very common question is whether it is worth buying the accessories in the country of origin, at the ski resort, or renting them once you arrive at the final destination. All three options are possible and feasible, but you must first consider what your sporting profile is. Learn more below:

Snow Beginners: Is It More Advantageous To Buy Or Rent Ski Equipment?

If you are planning your first trip to the snow and have never had any contact with winter sports, be aware that it is very risky to buy ski equipment. As this is an activity that we only practice during holidays abroad, the chances of purchasing the wrong skis or accessories are high. A pair of skis, for example, can come in different shapes and sizes, depending on your weight, height, and level of skiing skill.

Therefore, choose to rent your equipment at the chosen ski resort. The best hotels and resorts have professionals who help you choose the skis and accessories that best suit your profile. In addition to the skis themselves, it is possible to rent ski clothes, helmets, ski goggles, poles, and snow boots – essential items for venturing on the slopes.

Experienced Skier: Buy Or Rent Skis?

If you are an experienced skier or regularly travel to the snow, the difference between buying equipment in Brazil or at the ski resort is related to the cost and variety of options. While the great snow destinations have ample stores and a great diversity of equipment, our country suffers from a restricted supply and higher prices.

Another downside of buying ski equipment around here is the cost to transport it. Extra fees are charged for loading fragile luggage such as skis and poles on commercial flights, making airfare a little more expensive. With equipment rental, you have more freedom to try out new ski modalities during your trip. Another advantage is that you can get the most modern equipment since top-notch resorts and ski resorts renew their products every season and work in partnership with the most renowned brands in the market.

Experienced Skier Deserves A Connection With His Equipment

The advantage of buying your ski equipment is knowing the accessories you are using. After a certain technical level of the skier, a connection between the athlete and his apparatus is very important. In this case, the decision to buy skis is the best choice, whether you are an alpine skier, cross country skier, or other sports.

In short, if you are inexperienced and do not intend to frequently travel to the stations, opt for the rental of all ski equipment. On the other hand, if you are a skiing lover and want to visit winter destinations every snow season, consult an expert and assemble all your ski equipment to go down the exciting snowy slopes.

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