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You have plethora of beautiful funeral wreaths to select from, including a wide range of designs, hues and shapes. All the wreaths are especially crafted and designed by specialist florists. You can select from the wide assortment of options including conventional and modern funeral wreaths. Every wreath helps you to express your condolences and sympathy.

The wreaths are crafted with fresh flowers which include roses, carnations, lilies, wax flowers, gerbera, chrysanthemums as well as green foliage. You can also order beautiful wreaths online which can directly be delivered at the funeral house.

White wreath: A completely white wreath is a famous and safe option. It includes a beautiful design with wax flowers, carnations and white roses.

Pink wreath: A completely pink wreath is somewhat same in style and pattern with inclusion of pink and purple flowers. It comprises of roses, chrysanthemums, carnations as well as statice in the right setting.

Rose trio heart: It is a perfect option for those who want a customized design because of the heart shape. The roses are pink, red and white in color and are designed this way to showcase your closeness to deceased and to uplift the mood of the mourners.

White lily wreath: Carnations, oriental lilies as well as chrysanthemums make this beautiful wreath which has a good setting of fresh flowers.

Things to mention in the funeral card

Sending a flower wreath to a family member or friend when they have lost someone close is really kind and sympathetic. It explains that you care and you wish well for them in this difficult time. However, when you are sending a wreath, you should include a message along with it.

Look out for the right words to say and state it wisely. Try to raise the spirit and morale of the mourning person and express your grief. Make them feel that they are not alone in this. Send your support and understanding to them. You can also include inspirational messages along with a funeral wreath.

Role of funeral flowers

Funeral flowers are a personal thing and they reflect the person of the deceased. It is also the best possible way to pay condolences and respect. If you want a conventional and classic wreath, go for roses and carnations. But, if you want a contemporary wreath, go for an eclectic blend of flowers.

Consider the color of the flowers to send as funeral wreath

A major point to consider is the color of the flower and its organization. It is important to purchase a beautiful wreath rather than make it on your own to avoid making a mistake. Flowers with bright hues make a big impact on the ambience of the venue and mood of the people.

However, the color of the flower then comes to your personal preference. Often people choose a hue as per the choice of the deceased. Bright yellow and purples are preferred funeral shades. The color of flowers shouldn’t be loud but soft and muted.

You can go for large wreaths for funeral home with collared halls while choose colorful beautiful wreath [พวงหรีดสวยๆ, which is the term in Thai] for conventional funeral houses and churches.

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