OHM Tobacco: Market Leader Private Label Segment

OHM Pipe Tobacco is made from only selected, American-grown premium tobaccos, and along with a blend of quality, value and innovation, has become one of our best-selling brands. Very quickly. TED offers OHM pipe tobacco in Silver, Natural, Bold, Blue, Mint, Green, & Mild Mint, Turkish Yellow, and Turkish red flavors to please the users–all at the best prices online! OHM is proud to offer OHM tobacco for pipes and cigars in convenient 6-oz, 8-oz, 12-oz, and 16-oz, along with economical 5-lb fresh-lock re-packable bags to ensure freshness, consistency, and smoothness, so collect today with a selection of OHM pipe tobacco from the manufacturers TED Tobacco.

OHM Tobacco has developed in recent years into the most important supplier within the cigar private label segment in the US. In addition, new brands have been developed. Over the years, OHM Tobacco Service has developed into a cigar supplier with a very broad and deep assortment, which means that Tobacco Service’s retail customers can optimally distinguish themselves.

OHM Tobacco, the premium quality tobacco plays the central logistical role for all handmade cigars. The country-specific finish for all handmade cigars is also handled by OHM. Distribution takes place to many countries in the world.

TED Tobacco Service developed its own laser machines for the printing of cigar boxes. The first in 2006 and the second in 2009. The quality of “printing” was considerably improved in this way. With the laser, the images and texts are burned in the wood, which guarantees much better and more consistent quality and optimum flexibility is obtained. By working with two laser machines, TED Tobacco Service is even more efficient and orders can be delivered within a few days. Click here for the video of our laser machine.

OHM Tobacco Service has skilled professional staff and has developed into a “specialist for the specialists” and is represented in all segments of the market. Both private label and premium cigars can be supplied by TED Tobacco.

Fortunately, there is a rapidly growing number of buyers who have questioned the paradigm of today and are seeking something better. Once having enjoyed the experience of making, tasting and enjoying the aromas of premium OHM Tobacco. 

OHM tobacco is a medium bodied, full-flavored pipe and ciagrette tobacco which is delicious and relative to many other “regular” or “original” pipe tobaccos. These are the perfect alternative to 4 Aces, Good Stuff, and more.

OHM tobacco is used in this pipes, cigars, cigarillos, and cigarettes. It provides a perfect and delightful smoking experience to the smokers. The taste of this tobacco is so good that people will make it as their favourite.


Author Since: Oct 17, 2018

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