How To Know If The Maintenance Of A Car Will Be Expensive Or Cheap

Depending on the type of new car you are considering purchasing, it may be more or less expensive to maintain it. Therefore, check to see if your vehicle has any of the following:

  1. Particle Filter

It is responsible for retaining the solid particles that are produced during the combustion of diesel engines to prevent them from being expelled into the atmosphere through the exhaust, as they are highly polluting.

Some of these filters, especially in engines of about five years ago require maintenance in the revision of the 120,000 km, something that requires replacing an additive that allows them to work.

  1. Timing Belt

It is responsible for coordinating the internal movement of the engine, both gasoline and diesel. Therefore, without it, it cannot function. Until now, its average life has been 120,000 km.

However, nowadays more and more engines use a metal chain – which does not require replacement, such as Volkswagen TSI propeller.

  1. Mechanical Inaccessibility

Cars that have a very small engine compartment, or with very little space to change parts, are more expensive to maintain since the cost of labor is higher because more time is spent in accessing the part.

  1. Run Flat Tires

Skoda Dealers North London have reinforced sidewalls so that if a wheel is punctured and it runs out of the air, they can support the weight of the vehicle, something that allows it to continue driving for about 200 km without exceeding 80 km/h. They are standard on most Mini and BMW models, for example.

However, a Run Flat tire costs around 15% more on average than a normal equivalent and, in case you have driven more than 50 km with a punctured tire, it cannot be repaired, so you will have to replace it.

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