How to Create a DIY Lightsaber

Is it possible to build a lightsaber? The answer is yes. Scientists at MIT, Harvard, and other Universities in the US have worked together to create the Star Wars weapon. The weapon basically binds photons to a new form. While you may not have the technology yet, you can still build your own lightsaber and here’s how.

Materials and Tools

You will need: Drill, hacksaw, PVC cutter, and soldering set-up

For the Handle: 1.25″ diameter PVC approximately 8 – 12 inches, switch or push on/off button; 2-4 AA batteries, inner tubes of a bike, small vibration motor for sound effects and silver spray.

For the Blade: Polycarbonate tube with the inner and outer diameters having a 0.75” difference with the handle. It should be 2.5 ft long, 25-35 LEDs and 22 gauge solid wire. The total length should be 3′; length of blade + length of handle. Use opaque blades to diffuse light

Constructing the Handle

  • Measure 10” of PVC for handle
  • Lay a paper on surface and spray with preferred color
  • Cut inner tubes and squeeze into handle to make grips

Making battery slot

  • Drill holes in handle to fit snugly switch/button
  • Cut a slot at the bottom side of handle to fit battery pack
  • For small slits, use a PVC cutter while for larger slits use a PVC cutter to make slit then a hacksaw to cut slit sides

Constructing Blade

  • Forge approximately 2.5 ft blade; cut the polycarbonate using a hacksaw
  • Measure 0.25” from one of the ends from the button. Wrap duct tape continuously until it can tightly wedge into the handle
  • Tape tin foil at the tip to reflect the end light back to the blade

Making LED String

  • Remove insulation from wire
  • Attach positive side of LED to one wire as a base. The longer leg is the positive side.
  • Continue attaching the LEDs down the wire by their positive sides
  • Once you reached the desired length, do the same with the negative side
  • Use pliers to crimp the ends to the wire. A single short circuit will make the blade not to light.


  • If you use a motor, wrap the wire to the motor shaft in an off balance way to make it vibrate more. If the motor is too small, tie it to the handle using duct tape.
  • The motor and switch wires should go 3” out of the handle bottom to allow for soldering or attaching
  • The battery pack wires should be long enough for connections attachments


  • Solder in the wires to the button/switch and thread these through the hole
  • Jam blade into handle with LED strings protruding at the handle bottom
  • Solder all loads parallel across battery pack; the battery should be sandwiched between the two
  • Solder an approximately 10 ohms resistor to the white motor terminal
  • Solder red battery pack wire to white switch wire
  • Solder red switch wire to red LEDs and red motor terminal
  • Solder white of battery pack to all white wires.
  • Snugly fit everything into handle. The motor shaft should not hit into anything.

And that is how you build your own lightsaber! If you want to avoid the hassle of constructing one from scratch, we highly recommend checking out the custom saber options UltraSabers provides.

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