Hindu cremation rituals & their objectives

Cremations have to be done by following the traditional rituals finely. People in India give much importance to the cremation processes – especially Hindus. They believe in doing the cremation rituals with immense respect – as for them the cremation is a process that deals with the soul rather than the body. Hindu people burn the body during cremation. This creates ashes and the ashes produced are dispersed in several ways. It is believed that the ashes have to be dispersed in such a way that they do not get accumulated in one particular place. The soul that departs from the body might otherwise get attached to the accumulated ashes – present in one particular place. This may cause the soul to stay around it. Hence Hindus disperse the ashes with the help of flowing water bodies – like rivers. By this; the ash gets dispersed into various distant places – with the help of the flowing river that gets diverted into different channels at various points.

Hindu cremation services

The Hindu cremation services are provided in two different ways now a day. At times; the deceased is kept over a pyre created in an open ground and the pyre is burned – so that the body turns into ashes. Now not much space is available for doing such rituals in the proper manner. Hence many people use the electric crematoriums now. This is the second option that is available for doing the Hindu cremations. Crematorium manufacturers in India provides you with electric crematoriums that can be used repeatedly for burning several bodies in it. The electronic crematorium works automatically – to a great extent – and needs manual interruptions only at times; whenever required.

Dispersal of the ash produced by burning the body

As discussed above; Hindus believe that the ash has to be dispersed into different places – so that the soul does not get attached to the accumulated ash & wander without acquiring salvation. Hence Hindus disperse the ashes (produced by burning the deceased) with the help of flowing water bodies like rivers. A river passes through various regions and gets diverted into various channels at different junctions. Hence the ashes which are disposed into the river get distributed to various places – which are far away from each other.

The ashes are usually disposed into rivers (which are considered holy). Ganga is the river that is considered much holy. Therefore the Ganga is used mostly by many people for ash-disposal purpose. It is believed that Ganga helps in washing out the various sins of people. Hence ashes are dispersed in Ganga and prayers are made for the salvation of the soul of the deceased. Many other rivers are also considered holy in India and these rivers too are used for disposal of the ashes (which are produced by burning the body of the deceased).

The duty of the ash-disposal is carried out by the person who is very close to the deceased. If the eldest son of the deceased is alive; then the rituals are done by him for the deceased. It is believed that this help the soul of the deceased to acquire salvation. Salvation is a process through which the soul reaches back to its source / God. Most of the Indian traditions are designed around salvation. The cremation rituals are also designed around it.

Electric crematorium suppliers in India provides you with fine electric crematoriums that can be used for assisting automatic cremation processes which are carried out flawlessly. Most of the processes – that take place inside the electric crematorium – happen automatically and therefore are away from any manual mistakes. The deceased is burned and the ashes are collected & dispersed with the help of holy rivers – like Ganga. This ritual is done by the eldest son or other close relatives of the deceased. The rituals are believed to help the deceased person’s soul attain salvation. You can seek professional services for gathering assistance in doing the cremation rituals well – by following the right customs that assists the salvation of the soul (of the deceased) to its maximum possible extent.

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