Avoid Bad Breath in your Dog

Your dog has a mouth odor? There are times when you think that your dog smells a bit of bad breath, but it is common and is not due to poor care on your part. Your dog’s odor might be very annoying, but several solutions exist to avert bad breath in dogs.

How to Avoid the Bad Breath of Dogs?

Bad breath or halitosis is induced by some bacteria found in the mouth or stomach. Since your mouth is your main tool, it is very likely that these bacteria have settled on it easily.

We offer you some tips to reduce, eliminate or avert bad breath in dogs.

Brush your Dog’s Teeth

To prevent bad breath from dogs, it will be necessary to brush its teeth twice each week. Remember that you will need a soft-bristled toothbrush and a dog-specific paste. If you get it to it when it’s a puppy, then it will not give you problems. Here are cute bullterrier for sale.

Home Remedies

Some foods act against bad breath. You can try carrots, cinnamon or parsley, adding a little fresh parsley to the dog’s food and you will notice its improvement.

Another option is apple cider vinegar. If you add it raw to food or water, it will have a neutralizing effect on that bad smell.

Also, note that the water your dog drinks must be fresh and clean since it will also help halitosis to be delayed.

Nylon or Rubber Toys

There are toys for TOY POODLE PUPPIES whose purpose is to clean their teeth. The most recommended are nylon or natural rubber. While your dog plays with them, it will be cleaning its teeth and causing a delay in his bad breath.

Raw Bones

Offer a raw bone from time to time; this will help keep its teeth neat and avert bad breath from dogs. Note that the bone should be larger than its mouth, to prevent it from choking.


There is a type of candy in stores whose purpose is to clean its mouth, thus avoiding the bad breath of dogs.

Other Causes

Remember, there are other causes why your dog can give off bad breath from his mouth. For example, if your dog is older, it may not salivate properly and have greater dry mouth.

In addition, some medication, poor diet or some disease such as diabetes, pharyngitis or tonsillitis may be causing that halitosis.

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