5 Must-Visit Tourist Spots in Solo

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Solo offers many attractive tourist spots. As a tourist, you must visit these 5 places in Solo.

Jumog Waterfall

The beautiful Jumog waterfall is based from the Berjo village, on the slopes of Mount Lawu. The height of the waterfall is about 25 m, and it divides into a twin waterfall. A swimming pool for kids can also be constructed near the waterfall. It’s said that the water of Jumog sparkles like a diamond. Only personal vehicles can take inside to the waterfall premises. It’s a very calming place with pure beauty which can give you an enchanting experience. It’s among the most famous destinations in Indonesia.

Sriwedari Park

Sriwedari is a theme park which got something for adults as well as kids and is based within the city of Surakarta in Central Java. The park is known for its performance of Wayang orang, which is a Javanese traditional dance and music performance. The dance portrays some episodes taken from the Hindu mythological book of Ramayana or Mahabharata. The performance happens every single night following 8 pm and finishes at midnight.

Pandawa Water World

Pandawa water planet is the only water world from Surakarta City. The water park was opened in 2007, and ever since then, it has been a favorite tourist spot to go for local as well as international tourists. The water park’s design is in accord with the ancient Javanese Wayang figures. There are over 20 attractive water slides in Pandawa like Bima slide, Fantastic slide, and Raft slide, etc. Possibly the most famous site is the Kresna wave pool which got waves which could make you seem as if you’re on a sea beach. The food supplied by the food court is excellent and economical.

Museum Radya Pustaka

Radya Pustaka museum has an ancient history. Constructed from the year 1890 by Kanjeng Sosriningrat IV of Pakubowono IX, it is among the oldest forts in Indonesia. It’s rather close to Sriwedari Park and based from the Surakarta city. The museum was moved to the current location in 1913 by Johannes Busselar who had been a Dutchman. The museum is the second oldest museum of Indonesia, the earliest being National Museum of Indonesia at Jakarta. It’s many collections of antiques and artifacts, books, pictures, weapons, clothes, and leather puppet. It also has valuable literature from the Dutch as well as the old Javanese language.

Pura Mangkunegaran

Only part of the palace is available for the general public and is a charming place to enjoy the Javanese architectures and traditional art forms. The inside of the castle has enchanting designs are a stunning visual treat. The interior of the palace got a central fire around which you may discover several Javanese paintings. The compound has a pendopo, that’s a pavilion constructed at a mix of Javanese and European style. Behind the palace will be the dalem, a museum for the tourists. The vast majority of the showcased artifacts belong to the Mangkunegaran VII.

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