5 Jakarta Cafes Every Instagrammer Must See

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In Jakarta, do not only search for where to locate the very best coffee, but they’re also very finicky as to location and surroundings where best to talk with buddies. So, when you’re looking for inspiration on where to go, we’ve selected 5 cafes in Jakarta that serve the perfect brew in Insta-worthy surroundings which you really need to pick up your camera to choose that best shot.

  1. Ruang Seduh

Ruang Seduh’s minimalistic Interior is predominantly white, using as main emphasize, of course, the iconic helmet, which is only the picture and picture awaiting for your social media platform. And if you are looking for a more comfortable setting to sip your excellent coffee, then a door off are comfy chairs and cushion sat the personal mini-theater Kinosaurus, that is, unless the location has not yet been booked before.

This unique coffee establishment Only offers a few types of hot coffee from carefully selected beans, which are changed every couple of months. For those who like a bolder choice, a few cold brew containers are there for your taking.2

  1. 1/ 15 Coffee (One Fifteenth Coffee)

One-Fifteenth Coffee has increased to Be a favorite among coffee lovers in Jakarta because it opened a few years back. It is eye-catching yet easy exterior baits clients in a while it’s own warm, and cozy ambiance makes it difficult to leave. This is the best place for some alone time, after-work anxiety relief with friends or a simple chit chat about coffee together with all the skilled baristas.

  1. Sophie’s Authentique

Ladies, if You ever dream about taking a bite of a delicious buttery croissant while sipping on a spoonful of coffee in a romantic Parisian cafe, then dream no longer, for now, you do not need to go all of the way to France for it.

Sophie’s Authentique is a quaint French bakery that provides yummy cups of goodness and delicious authentic French pastries, baked goods, and a well-known brunch menu. Not only is this a harbor for pastry lovers and brunchers, but its own unique charming decor also conveys us to that dreamy classic French tune now appearing in reality.

  1. Giyanti Coffee Roastery

Giyanti serves authentic Upon observing the interior scene, it is hard to miss the proprietor’s most prized espresso machine, a Victoria Arduino, used to brew one of the hottest cups of java Jakarta has to offer you. But that’s not all, this place also serves some of the best yummy baked goodies in town. Do not forget to sample Giyanti’s delicious beef pie or genuine Australian lamington cake along with your java.

Oh, take note that the place is Only open from Wednesday — Saturday because they roast their own beans out of Sunday — Tuesday.

  1. Pipiltin Cocoa

This Is Really a haven for sweet tooths who like to take Pretty pics of food and upload them on their Instagram accounts. The heavenly Desserts have been served in such an artistic manner it would be tough to resist Taking a snapshot or two, or even ten. Not only do the desserts look great, but they also Taste so delicious and unique, you’d even be craving for more in your sleep.

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