3 Ways to Use Office Room Dividers to Vamp Up Your Studio Apartment

You find a fabulous studio apartment that is just the right size for your things and in the prime location. The only problem is, the wide-open space is not what you have in mind as far as living arrangements go, and you really would prefer to have more segregated rooms. You do not have to pass up a great studio apartment because you’re not a fan of the wide-open floor plan. You can actually make a drastic difference in the space with the implementation of office room dividers.

Use Glass Room Dividers to Create a Secluded Dining Area

The dining room is one of those spaces in your apartment that you like to keep in pristine condition so you can serve guests at will in a secluded space. You can sanction off the area you want to use as a dining room with a basic office room divider or you can go for a more upscale appearance by investing in glass room dividers. This way the dining area is visible but still separated from the rest of the space.

Close Off a Lofted Bedroom with a Solid Room Divider

If the bedroom in your studio apartment is upstairs in a lofted space, it does not provide you much in the way of privacy from the rest of the apartment. Pick up a nice sold-walled office room divider and you can totally close off your lofted bedroom so it is more private. What would normally be the opening to the room divider can be situated at the entry space at the top of the stairs. If you want a narrow walkway around the divided bedroom, just add dividers a few feet from the loft’s railing.

Create the Illusion of a Separate Living Room

Your living room is the space where most of your time will be spent, whether you are enjoying some TV time at the end of the day or playing video games with your pals. You do not necessarily have to completely close off this space from your kitchen, dining area, or the rest of the apartment, but you can create the illusion of a separate space just by installing an office room divider. For example, you can install a divider behind the sofa, as a backdrop behind your entertainment center, or along both sides of your seating area.

With a little ingenuity and access to quality office room dividers, you can make your studio apartment better cater to the lifestyle you want at home. Reach out to a store that offers office fixtures and furnishings for more information.

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